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Here is the third song in my series entitled Chicago Hip Hop History produced by Loose Cannon &  sponsored by Community Service, Fakeshoredrive & Ynotmydream


On episode 2.5 I take a moment away from my experience in Chicago's Hip Hop scene to give you some background on what was going on in my personal life between the events in episode and the upcoming episode 3

Chicago Hip Hop History is a  series of songs from my perspective. From growing up around Chicago legends like the Molemen,Vakill,Rhymefest, Cap D & Juice to MC battles,concerts, and other experiences

VISUAL is currently working on his next project #HelloHipHop

If you don’t know what he is on, you should get to know. A man with a plan, Visual is the hardest working independent artist in Chicago. His signature blue collar work ethic is evident when you consider that he has individually managed a majority of his career. This includes delivering on public relations, promotions, and booking responsibilities as an artist as well as pushing forward the initiatives of his Community Service record label as a manager.
A brief look at his accomplishments will establish his title of “Working Class Legend”.

Visual grew up in the Logan Square community on Chicago’s northwest side. The diverse urban setting, combined with the stereotypical living conditions associated with the area, provided Visual with a lot of inspiration and experience to begin writing poems which evolved into the raps we hear today. Being the youngest of four brothers, one of which is Panik from the Molemen, helped shape Visual’s identity as a hard working and independent artist. Although he could have leveraged Panik and Molemen’s fame to ensure success in the industry, he decided to pursue music on his own terms.

“Sometimes people try and jump ahead when it’s something they haven’t earned or it’s something they aren’t ready for. I just don’t want anybody to say ‘I put you here’. I always tell myself I’m going to take my own steps and I’m going to get somewhere”. – Chicago Tribune

This unique approach along with his work ethic has equipped Visual with an edge we do not usually see in the industry. David Vidal at Urb Magazine said it best in their Next 1000 Feature, “The ego-smashing trend of ultra-realness has reached the windy shores of the Chi. Visual presents himself to be nothing more than who he is, just a regular guy”.

Growing up around other local legends like Juice, Rhymefest, Vakill, and Capital D of All Natural has been both a learning experience and one that has come full circle. Collaborations with local legends include songs with Capital D from his Working Class Legend album and a song with Juice from the Figured it Out album. During the course of his career Visual has shared the stage with artist such as Lupe Fiasco, The Pharcyde, Atmosphere, Glc, DJ Vadim, DJ A-Trak, Brother Ali, Swollen Members and others with much fanfare. It is important to recognize his involvement around Chicago as not only a trendsetting musician, but also as an actor, television show host, and youth advocate. Visual’s relentless pursuit for success has landed him positive media attention across a wide variety of channels. This includes articles, features, and reviews in the following: Urb Magazine,,,, the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times, and the Red Eye.

Visual’s work ethic will continue to test the limits set forth by the “business as usual” way of doing things in the industry. Visual will continue to deliver the TRUTH by doing and being the hardest working independent artist in Chicago. Fuse TV  has aired VISUAL’s music video for  “We Gonna Fly” as part of Fuse On Demand Chicago Presents: Fuse Music Loop. Fuse TV can be seen on Comcast, Direct TV, Dish Network, and many other cable providers across the nation.Visual can also be seen on various episodes of  History Channel‘s “Gangland” in dramatizations, The Dilemma (feature film starring Vince Vaughn & Kevin James) and as a host on Chicago’s  UGtv.

Verse 1

Around the same time dude died in Logan
I was barely 18 but I was homeless
My parents bounced, they went down south
But for real down south, Mexico down south
My oldest brother took over my parents house
To this day, I don't know why, but that dude kicked me out
& I slept on floors, futons & your couch
I used to scrap up dollars so I could cop me an ounce
Flip to buy food & smoke my homies out
Back then I guzzled 40's & lived loud
I would rap all day, Hiphop was my spouse !
And I ain't do shit else, I was a fuckin slouch
Man, my life was fucked up and I was fucked up
& every chance I would have, I would get fucked up!
Popped pills, did shrooms but that was it with the drugs
I was going through depression , my life was bugged

Hook -

Welcome to my world  ! yeah this is it
Naw, not that bullshit
Ain't no fashion ...  no flashin
Just passion, reality & action!
Gotta know what it was to know what's happens
Gotta know what it was to know what happens!

Verse 2

And the whole time I'm  weeded, feeling defeated
I looked at my culture ta defeat the demons
I blasted beats & squeezed pens
From the start, I never copied any legends
I just wrote what I felt & I felt crazy
I think the liks & the trees made me spacey
Or maybe the empty fridge made feel like shit
Or the eviction notice I got from that bitch !
It's a cold world and I learned that quick
So I got cold & got on my shit!
I wasn't a rapper that was living with momma
So I didn't live dreams, I lived drama
Every day of the week, I was in those streets
Paying my Hiphop dues & making ends meet
Logan, Humboldt park , Pilsen was me
26th, Hyde Park, Rogers park was me

Hook -

Welcome to my world  ! yeah this is it
Naw, not that bullshit
Ain't no fashion ...  no flashin
Just passion, reality & action!
Gotta know what it was to know what's happens
Gotta know what it was to know what's gonna happen!